Body transformation – What do you REALLY need to change?

Body transformation – What do you REALLY need to change?

Transforming the way you look doesn’t happen overnight. As much as you may wish there was a quick fix, changing the way you look, and staying that way, takes time, dedication and a complete lifestyle change.

Crash dieting and the latest “super slimming tablet the stars don’t want you to know about” simply don’t work. Yoyo dieting not only isn’t a long-term solution, but it can also be damaging to your health. If you are serious about fitness and changing the way you look for good, then a good exercise programme combined with the right supplements can help you transform your body and get the figure you really one – one that is achievable and maintainable.

A healthy body transformation programme

There is a huge array of health benefits which come with regular exercise. Improved mental health, improved cardiovascular health and weight loss are just some of the benefits of getting your body moving. However, if you want to completely transform your body and focus on muscle tone and body firmness then you will need to think about beginning a more structured, regular and focussed exercise programme.

A great place to start is by visiting your local gym and having a personal training session with a PT who can explain to you the best work out you can do in order to achieve the body transformation you are looking for. The gym PT can set out a work out plan tailored to your current fitness levels and the body fit results you want to achieve.

It’s not all about the cardio

You may already regularly visit your local gym and use a range of equipment such as the treadmills and cross-trainers to help you burn off excess calories – or even take part in running outside of the gym. However, using the weight machines and equipment in conjunction with cardio can also help you to burn off fat and tone up your body. Lifting weights isn’t simply for body building; it can help you to lose weight, burn calories and also tone up your muscles, which not only gives your whole body a firm appearance but also ensures you burn fat more effectively. Again, a PT will be able to instruct you on the best equipment and weights to use for your fitness and level or expertise as well taking into consideration the results you are hoping to achieve.

A healthy lifestyle

Once you begin your body transformation journey, you will want to control what you eat in order not to hinder your progression. Obviously fatty and processed foods should be avoided but you will need to make sure you eat enough protein and healthy fats to give you enough energy for your exercise programme. You need a healthy balance of the right diet and exercise for your body firm results to remain permanent.

Supplement tablets are an excellent way to ensure that you are getting the right vitamins and minerals while you are undergoing your transformation. Get some advice from a specialist on the best supplements to take to give you enough energy for working out and also for building up muscle tone – and you could soon have the body shape you’ve been dreaming of!

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