About Us

Welcome to our evolve studio

Evolve Fitness Studio was founded by Gill Philips, a local mum who has passion for exercise and helping people achieve their exercise goals.  Our sole aim is to provide an indoor cycling and personal training experience unlike any other, with you at the centre. We are all about individual focus even though we love working with our clients in a group.

 Our trainers pride themselves in their ability to not just hear what their clients are saying but take time to understand  their needs.  

Evolve is not a commercial gym but a boutique private gym and indoor cycling studio. Our individual gym space scheduling of clients, ensures you have no disruptions, no prying eyes or intimidation you may sometimes get from a crowded gym. 

Our Ethos

Our philosophy is really simple: we wish to provide the highest quality training and fitness education experience so that we can both grow together on your road to ultimate health and fitness. We aim to dramatically improve your quality of life. We help people live, healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Throughout our years of experience in the South East London private gym sector, we have continued to invest into our services to deliver strength, cardio and core conditioning programmes that might even get Crossfit athletes to take notice. We are your premiere personal training studio in Lewisham and Blackheath, and have left our mark in the fitness industry through our celebrated Bodyfit Bodyfirm Programme.

All our personal trainers are licensed and insured. They have years of core, cardio, boxing and strength training experience under their belts, and work with each client on an individual basis. Leave it up to our seasoned trainers to identify your goals and get you on the road to a better body and healthier lifestyle.

Evolve studio

What We Do

We completely understand that health and fitness are interpreted differently by each person and we identify with the fact that every individual may have unique goals, learning capabilities and physical abilities. We take into account your fitness level, life and career priorities, and customise your spinning or strength training programme accordingly.

You may be a mother who needs to get toned fast and stay that way after childbirth or a parent who is looking to get their kid enrolled in a kids’ boxing club – all of our personal trainers provide full support with respect to what your health and fitness goals are.

One look at our indoor cycling facility and you would instantly want to drop what you are doing and join everybody else, as they spin away, feverishly burning calories while rocking on to their favourite music. Our weight training area is second to none – we have all the necessary equipment for strength and cardio training as well as licensed boxing gear.

Why Choose Fitness Evolve?

We help you be the best version of yourself, period. We pay special focus to your limits. We will train, motivate and push your mind and body to attain a level of success that you can easily carryover into your life and career as well. We continue to invest in a world-class personal training studio so that you can have the most comfortable and memorable workout experience ever.

What We Value – Our Mission

Since we have been in existence, we have spared no expense to get the best equipment and hire only the most enthusiastic, motivated and exceptionally well-trained personal trainers. We continue to invest and research in order to stay on top of emerging health and fitness trends.

We wholeheartedly believe that fitness and exercise are a life-long goal and want you to experience what it’s like to train under the supervision of one of our esteemed personal trainers.

Our core values are based on the following:

Friendly environment and trainers – Our training facility has optimal temperature control and is well-kept to ensure a hygiene and productive workout environment where you will interact with some of the friendliest, most professional personal trainers in South East London, Lewisham and Blackheath.

We keep up with trends – Our fitness experts, loves to stay current on all things health and fitness. Rest assured, you are in good hands, someone you can really bank on to take your fitness to a whole new level.

We are straightforward – We cut right through the technical jargon and give you easy-to-understand facts so that you are equipped with the knowhow to maintain lifelong fitness.