Health-focused Training

Above everything else, we value your long-term health and fitness. We assess your current fitness capabilities carefully and ensure that your mind and body are challenged and stimulated in a way that never pushes you too hard, but just enough to make steady, incremental improvements. As a result, you will always feel inspired, involved and motivated, not to mention a gratifying sense of achievement after every session.

Steady Progress

We do not believe in quick, “over the counter” results or fairy-tale progress, which can be very dangerous to say the least. We do, however, believe in setting realistic goals and allowing your body to adapt so that it is more ready and physically able to take on the next set of challenges. Staying persistent and keeping an open mind toward exercise and fitness guarantees steady and consistent results every time.


Individual Focus

We understand that every fitness enthusiast exercises for different reasons. After all, each one of us has our own unique life and fitness goals. Our fitness expertise and mentoring uniquely caters to each individual’s goals and capabilities. We help you be the best version of yourself by exclusively focusing on your strengths and helping you use weaknesses to your advantage.

High-end Fitness Equipment

Our indoor cycling and spinning equipment is second to none. One look at our personal training studio in South East London and you will see firsthand how choosy we are when it comes to high-quality gym equipment and training gear. In addition, we have all the dumbbells, barbells, racks and strength training machines you could ever dream of, to aid you in your quest to be the best, strongest, most versatile version of yourself.

Superb Variety – Something for Every Fitness Enthusiast

Whether you are looking to get your kids enrolled in a kids boxing club or wish to be at your strongest and most flexible, we have training programmes and drills for everybody, including our Bodyfirm Bodyfit programme which has gotten rave reviews from people we have had the pleasure to serve. You will feel right at home and leave with an experience to remember.

Exceptionally Well-trained Personal Trainers

Our indoor cycling and personal training experts are all masters in their crafts – they practice a work ethic unlike any other and work with you collectively to approach fitness and health from all avenues. Our entire team is headed by Gill, a passionate  super-strong athlete who is a committed to her clients results.

Work with us and you will have little reason not to come back again. Let’s have some fun together, get the blood pumping and sweat our way to learning some really awesome things about how the human body functions when it is physically challenged in unique and innovative ways.

We are a family owned private gym, which means our closely-knit personal trainers treat you as a family, and nothing less. We care about your health, your fitness, and more importantly, that your hard-earned money is well-invested.