Our Classes




There is countless research behind the fact that physical activities like boxing and martial arts under the supervision of a trained professional is one of the best ways to stay toned and fit for life. Our personal trainers will take you through challenging boxing drills with the aim of unlocking your core strength and peak stamina. Loosen up your body and witness an unbelievable transformation before your eyes.

Our boxing trainers will put you through the paces to test your body’s limits. Discover a brand new side of your physical strength and stamina.


Stretch and Core Strength

One of the biggest reasons most people start to lose mobility and muscle is because they fail to maintain core strength and flexibility. As we age, our joints and tendons tend to stiffen up and require extra maintenance so to speak. Work with our core training instructors to loosen up every single joint and muscle group in your body so that you feel flexible, light on your feet and wonderfully loose all the time.

Good core strength and full-body flexibility will keep you mobile for life. Invest your trust in our strength trainers and you will feel younger and more energetic than ever.



HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the class for those who want to burn fat, fast. Interval training is great for transforming the physique – by performing short, intense bursts of exercise followed by a short period of recovery, you’ll burn fat, shape your body how you want it, and leave the studio feeling amazing.


Indoor Cycling/Spin Class

At Evolve Fitness, you are going to experience nothing less than inspirational coaching and dedicated focus as you rock on to your favourite music and engage in an intense full body core workout. Get that body fit body firm look you have always been after and let those endorphins loose. This is indoor cycling re-invented! A full body workout with a focus on core work, this 45-minute class will transform the way you look and feel.

Wednesday at 7:45pm, Fridays at 6:45am and Saturdays at 9:30am.

For our hardcore riders who want to double up, now’s your chance! Push up, tap back and rock out in our 60-minute cardio party.

With an extra 15 minutes, a little more challenge but a lot of changes. Mondays at 7:45pm and Tuesday at 7:50pm

Talk to our trainer beforehand in case you have any special needs and we would be happy to accommodate you.