Corporate Rates

Our evolve studio corporates rates

Private Rides

Private rides are a great opportunity to bond, reward, or gift the most important people in your industry. you can pick your own theme and create your own playlist. you are also welcomed to use our entry and gym space for product placement or education to a targeted group of fitness minded people.whatever you decide, the studio is yours!

email: to inquire about private ride and events.

Evolve studio

Advance Group Bookings

Do your co-workers or staff need a retreat or are you a group of friend that would like to cycle together? Get the best bikes in the room! Reserve up to 7 bikes in advance of our regular classes for your corporate or  group and let us do the rest!


Corporate Gifting

There’s nothing like an Evolve gift card to show thanks and appreciation to your colleagues or clients. Trust us, it’s a guaranteed win! Evolve  gift cards can be used for all classes and personal training sessions.