Getting Started

No matter what shape you are in at the moment or where you see yourself a few months from now in terms of fitness, we will customise all aspects of our program to ease you into regular exercise.

Our one-of-a-kind indoor cycling facility can accommodate beginners as well as the most avid cyclists and cardio enthusiasts. The moment you meet our personal trainers, you will see that they all came from humble beginnings and worked hard to possess the knowledge base, skills and experience they have.

One look at our personal training studio, and will come across people from all walks of life who love training at our personal training studio – brand new mothers, busy executives, school kids and even senior citizens. We understand that each and every individual has their own unique set of strengths and we cater to those wholeheartedly – never pushing you past your limits but challenging you just enough to make steady and consistent progress.

Our private gym in South East London is equipped with all the weight training and cardio equipment you could ever hope to find in a fully-equipped training facility. Our spinning and core training instructors will sit down with you to carefully assess your short and long-term fitness goals, and run a check on your health and family history to determine what exercise program suits you best.

Get in touch with us at 02035818140 to get started now. We look forward to serving you as best as we can.