Gill, the face behind it all, is a wife, a mum, and has a background in heart failure and cardiology. She founded Evolve personal training studio because she is wholeheartedly committed to helping everyone in the community reach their ultimate health and fitness goals. She is also a qualified PT and indoor cycling instructor.

Gill found the desire and motivation to push others and help them realise their potential because she was once 6 stone above her ideal weight. However, she was fiercely determined to make lifestyle changes to become healthier, leaner and fitter. All that hard work, drive and motivation paid off. Now she enjoys sparking the same inspiration in others, encouraging people to lose weight in a healthy way to stay fit for life.

Gill has always had a raw passion for exercise and fitness; it has become a part of her lifestyle. She now wants to share this passion with everybody who visits Evolve Fitness Studio and is 100% dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle and attain the fitness level you have always dreamed of.

Her motto fuels her passion: “Excellence is not a destination!”