Meet the face behind Evolve Fitness Studio – Gill Philips. Gill is a wife, a mum, has a background in clinical nursing and is the owner of Evolve Fitness Studio. She founded the studio because she is committed to helping others in the community achieve their fitness goals.


Gill has an inspiring personal backstory – she was once 5.5 stone above her ideal weight. She took it upon herself to change her lifestyle and become healthier and fitter, and with hard work and determination she has succeeded. With her commitment to healthy living and making the right choices, she has lost the excess weight and kept it off. Now she’s inspiring others to do the same, and encouraging people to lose weight the right way and become more active.

Gill has a passion for fitness, and loves exercising as part of her daily routine. She is now sharing this passion with members of Evolve Fitness Studio, and dedicating her life to helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Gill’s motto is:“Excellence is not a destination!”