Private Gym

 Our Evolve Studio Private Gym

Why Choose a Private Gym Over a Commercial One?

Our private gym not only offers some of the best rates you will find in South East London, Lewisham and Blackheath, but also a private workout space which you can book and have all to yourself. We understand how you might want to train in complete privacy – you can book our entire space which allows a maximum of no more than two individuals to train at a time. Have the expertise of our esteemed trainers all to yourself as you make steady progress. No contracts! No Registration Fees! monthly or daily rates, the choice is yours!

Commercial gyms can often get very, very crowded and you certainly do not need to wait in line just to use the strength training or cardio equipment. Another aspect that you might appreciate about our private gym is that the trainers are always focused on the most important thing of all – you. We never take our eyes of you and lead you every step of the way, unlike many commercial gym establishments.

We rarely get overcrowded to the point that it becomes cumbersome to train, or otherwise lead to hygiene or ventilation issues. At our private gym, you can enjoy your personal space and still have a superb training session.


Evolve studio

When you’re working out to get in good shape, the last thing you want is poor facilities dragging you down and inhibiting your potential. At Evolve, we’ve made every effort to ensure the needs of all of our members at met, providing a multitude of features and facilities that help make working out a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Our facilities include:

  • Disabled toilets, fully equipped with handrails and plenty of space.
  • Well-maintained private showers that are cleaned and checked regularly.
  • Complementary towels – coming from work? No problem! We offer free towels for all members.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi – so you can share your workout progress with friends and family!
  • Private, secure lockers, so your valuables are protected while you work out.